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We measure our success by how much we simplify your cooking experience. Make cooking easy with our Throwdown Queen (TDQ) Approved kitchen products.

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MMTD Throwdown Recipes

Over 100+ recipes, videos and meal plans to keep you inspired in the kitchen.
Join the Throwdown Squad and learn how to create mouth watering dishes and cocktails using simple, easy and accessible ingredients.

Features new videos and recipes monthly.

Fuel Your Body Goals by Mandi Sarro [eBook]Fuel Your Body Goals by Mandi Sarro [eBook]
  • Throwdown Productions

    We are a digital content production house that focuses on telling stories through food.

  • MMTD Consulting

    -Recipe/Menu Development

    -Social Media Strategy

    -Food Styling/Food Photography

  • MMTD Experiences

    -Coming Soon

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